Where passion meets purpose in every moment Is where we find good architecture with a homely feeling. We appreciate natural light and warm materials. Our connection with nature relaxes us, and we find inspiration in places generously adorned with its authentic beauty. We take pleasure in excellent food made from natural ingredients. We adore it when people cook with heart and mindfulness. The company of individuals fully present in what they do, pursuing their path and pushing boundaries, inspires us. We feel good when we do something for ourselves and learn something new that transforms us into an even better version of ourselves. We love the sensation of living our own lives.
Hotel Plesnik in Logarska Valley, characterized by an inspiring family story, is an exceptional place for relaxation and health enhancement, primarily due to the unique combination of pristine nature and professionally trained staff. They offer yoga and meditation programs, reduce stress with Ayurvedic methods, promote health, and ensure well-being, including providing excellent food. Their Alpine eco-wellness allows indulgence in the embrace of untouched nature, while the extraordinary location offers numerous experiences.

🏆 Hotel PLESNIK is one of the TOP 9 Slovenian boutique tourist destinations selected by the WOOD WE GO! Visit them when you are in the Logarska Valley and see for yourself!

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Find out the reasons why Hotel Plesnik is among the TOP 9 Slovenian destinations HERE!

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