The road to bliss is always under construction, so where can you find the hidden pearl? Where most others don’t tread. In fact, you don’t have to walk; you can let yourself be driven.
Nothing worth having comes easy. Plesnik mountain stands high above everyday challenges. Exclusively intended for those seeking rare gems, it offers a luxurious experience of nature in the heart of the Alps.
Plesnikova Planina, which lies high above the Logarska Valley, is an exclusive destination for those looking for hidden gems. It offers a luxurious experience of nature and peace in the heart of the Alps.
At Hotel Plesnik, they strive for natural development, ecotourism and sustainable use of resources, and for decades, they have been striving to preserve natural local resources and cultural identity. Their offer is based on authentic contact with nature and its healing energies, and through Alpine eco-wellness, they spread it outside the hotel walls into the embrace of pristine nature.

🏆 Hotel PLESNIK is one of the TOP 9 Slovenian boutique tourist destinations selected by the WOOD WE GO! Visit them when you are in the Logarska Valley and see for yourself!

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