Have you already discovered the most beautiful alpine valley in the world? Experiencing a perfect day at Hotel Plesnik is relatively simple. However, Logarska Valley is such a unique place that planning your perfect day can be a true work of art, given the plenty of options to indulge your body, soul, and spirit. Still, we are sure that you’ll succeed more than splendidly and will never forget indulging in this natural gem.
We experienced an innovative approach to mindful and holistic offerings in hotel wellness and cuisine, as well as in accommodation and relaxation programs. Through a sense of home, hospitality, relaxation, and peace, they prioritize the guest, their well-being, and discerning care for the environment, placing local and organic ingredients at the forefront of the plate.

🏆 Hotel PLESNIK is one of the TOP 9 Slovenian boutique tourist destinations selected by the WOOD WE GO! Visit them when you are in the Logarska Valley and see for yourself!

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Find out the reasons why Hotel Plesnik is among the TOP 9 Slovenian destinations HERE!

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