Deep in the Karst, in the land of stone, vines, wind and sun, stands Špacapan House. For half a century, it has been developing and promoting Karst cuisine.
Traditional Karst delicacies are produced using methods that have survived centuries of testing and refinement.
Their cellar is home to aged prosciutto and salami, an old Karst fountain hides a selection of cheeses and a rich wine cellar. They produce their wine, as well as homemade brandy and vinegar.
The cuisine offers an immersion in the richness of the Karst landscape and ancestral traditions. Even in the fragrant rooms, the wood surrounds make you feel welcomed and cosy.
Špacapan House in Komno is a story of the perfect blend of tradition and modernity, but above all, it is a sincere tale of love for the Karst land.

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