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How to prepare for a trip and unlock your personal growth potential with conscious journeys

We all know that travelling is more than just visiting tourist attractions and passing quickly through destinations. Come along with us as we explore how you can consciously prepare for your next trip and how to use this experience as an opportunity to develop your inner potential. By applying practical advice and fostering awareness, you can learn how to exploit every moment of a trip for purposes of personal growth, transformation and the overcoming of your limitations. In our experience, we have found we need to take three aspects into account: listening to inner feelings, opening up to new possibilities, and giving deeper meaning to our stay at a destination through mindful eating.

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Before going on a trip, focus on your intuition and listen to your inner voice. Dive deep and ask yourself what you want to experience on the trip. Instead of following trends or other people’s expectations, create a journey that is authentic and truly in tune with your own wishes and needs. Listening to yourself will contribute to a more genuine and integrated travel experience.

Every person has unique needs and desires, so pay full attention to the real you and set out on a trip that is truly in harmony with your internal wishes.


Instead of getting strongly attached to certain expectations about your forthcoming trip, open yourself up to new possibilities and unexpected adventures. Every experience is unique on a trip, so focus on the here and now and accept whatever it brings. By doing so, you’ll open doors to new discoveries, unexpected encounters and magical moments that you might not have experienced if you’d been too guarded in your expectations.

Embrace the unknown. When you abandon great expectations, you liberate yourself from the pressure and allow the experience to develop spontaneously during the trip.

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Food has a great impact on our experience and all our senses when travelling. Learn in advance about your destination’s local cuisine and find healthy and delicious options that suit your dietary needs. That way you can support your body with healthy food and taste authentic local flavours that enhance your mindful eating experience.

Let the exploration of food become an authentic path to intensive experiences. Awaken your senses of taste and smell, hearing and sight, by being sensorially alive to the beautifully served and irresistibly tempting dishes you encounter.

Before going on a trip, focus on your intuition and listen to your inner feelings so you can create a genuine experience that is totally in sync with your own wishes. This approach will enable a more authentic and integrated trip that will take you beyond the usual well-beaten tourist routes and connect you with a deeper understanding and experiencing of the world.

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If you want to experience true culinary magic, we heartily recommend that you visit a place where time seems to stand still while you enjoy the excellent food and local wine. Visit Špacapan House, where we encountered the exceptional hospitality of the Karst people and discovered the astounding world of Karst cuisine. Every dish prepared by Ago Špacapan reveals a quintessential story of the Karst landscape and the love for the best that can be put on the table. If you spoil your taste buds more than usual during the visit and you don’t feel like going home, a decision to spend the night in their accommodation facilities will prove to be one you certainly won’t regret when you wake up the following morning because breakfasts in Špacapan House are absolutely divine.

Read our report about how strongly we were moved by this experience.

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