Hiša Polonka in Kobarid, SLOVENIA, under the guidance of Chef Valter Kramar, has become a must-visit stop on the Slovenian gourmet trail. It revives traditional dishes from the Posočje region, including those from Hiša Franko, and recipes from Valter’s father, Franko, such as frika and the famous English roast beef.

Valter’s culinary philosophy is simple: integration with the environment and strict adherence to local gastronomy, reviving nearly forgotten dishes from the Soča Valley and the mountains above Kobarid.

Visiting Hiša Polonka, where Maja Roš Kanellopulos and Samo Kanellopulos from Chalets NEBESA invited us, was a true indulgence for all the senses. Polonka is a project born out of pure passion, where locals and tourists gather to enjoy authentic dishes or simply a glass of good wine or beer.

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