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Navigate with your sixth sense when travelling

Written by: Lili Vogrinec

This happened some years ago when I was going on a trip to London. I’d been planning to visit the city I dreamed about for years. When I had almost locked the door, I heard an inner voice saying, “Take another book.” I initially ignored this hunch, but it came back. So, I took the book that had caught my eye in a bookshop a few days earlier. Later, during the trip, it turned out that the book served as an inspiration for an unexpected conversation with a stranger, a fellow Slovenian who had lived in London for some time and showed me several hidden corners of the city. Intuition led me to an unforgettable experience and a new friendship. Priceless! Since then, I have become more aware of the importance of intuition.

Science has difficulties explaining intuition, as it’s a spiritual aspect of our existence. Intuition is the voice of a higher self that sees the broader picture – how things will develop, which our limited analytical mind is unable to do because it’s only based on our past experience. It’s the sixth sense that we harbour inside, an invisible thread leading us through life. The Croatian word “predosjećaj” beautifully captures its meaning, a pre-feeling that we get before conscious perception. Intuition is not a mere feeling. It’s information that comes from our higher selves. A part of us, which always sees the bigger picture of life. 

Once we notice intuition, it doesn’t overwhelm us with emotions. It unambiguously shows us the way. When this inner voice is heard, it has no emotional charge. We simply know what to do. If there’s fear or doubt, these aren’t intuitive signals, but thoughts and beliefs caused by past experience and programmes. Intuition emerges as information before feelings or thoughts.


Travelling is a wonderful way to connect with our intuition. When we set out on a journey, we get out of our comfort zone and are forced to trust our feelings more. For example, when my friends and I arrived in Budapest some time ago, we had planned to see many cultural sights. But something told me to suggest to them to visit a certain district of the city. We followed my proposal and enjoyed such a lovely afternoon as could only be imagined in a film. Everything fell into its place: sight-seeing, drinking coffee in the most famous city café, shopping and plenty of laughter and fun, which ended with a ride on the giant Ferris Wheel offering marvellous views of the city and its surrounding area from a bird’s perspective.

Intuition plays a key role in self-care and when seeking inner peace. We can stop every day and ask ourselves, “What can I do today to make my situation/life better?” When following these inner voices, we take care of ourselves on a deeper level.

Once when I was home after a long week of working, I heard my inner voice asking me to call an old friend. I was sceptical at first, but then I followed this impulse. Talking to him actually led to an unexpected opportunity to cooperate on a project that resulted in great joy and success.


We’re aware of the significance of trusting ourselves. Self-trust is like a muscle that needs exercise. Walking towards your inner voice is the path in the direction of brave self-realisation. 

Through meditation and mindfulness, we incorporate meditation techniques in our everyday, as they help us calm our minds and enhance the perception of intuition. It’s the analytical mind that stands between our physical perception and our higher selves from which the intuition comes.

Through reflection, we think about our past decisions and their outcomes, which is always very beneficial. How beautiful it is to see that listening to our inner voice has improved our lives.

Through keeping an open mind, we’re aware that embracing new experience and allowing ourselves to see new perspectives in our lives serve as the basis for a life in a new reality in which intuition has a key role.

I always believed that we carry all the answers within ourselves and that intuition plays the largest role in this. If you don’t believe that you can hear it, too, go to the fridge and ask yourself, “What would be most beneficial for my body now? What food would make me feel best?” I’m sure your intuition will instantly give you the right answer. However, the next question is whether you’ll listen to these thoughts, your intuition, or will various excuses prevail.

Intuition is a powerful tool that leads us to better decisions and a more fulfilling life. Once we silence the analytical mind and recognise the voice of the higher self, we can use intuition to attain our goals and happiness. Meditation, mindfulness and an openness to new experience are crucial for enhancing this voice. Intuition leads us to unpredictable paths that result in deep satisfaction and inspiration. All we have to do is listen and follow this subtle voice that directs us towards a better and more rewarding life.

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