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Synonymous with translation services for more than 30 years

In today’s globalised world, in which people and companies easily come into contact at the simple click of a button, languages still prove to be an obstacle. The Iolar Group helps its clients “speak the same language” as their customers. The company is a synonym for high-quality translation services, software localisation, terminology management, desktop publishing, interpreting and interpreting equipment rental, machine translation with post-editing, and media translation.
Iolar is a member of renowned linguistic associations, i.e. GALA, ELlA and EUATC, and the organiser of the largest translation conference in the region, Translation, Technology, Terminology (TTT). By means of cooperating with scientific institutions and individually adapted services, the company optimises solutions for its clients with a broad network of highly qualified linguists and engineers. As the leading translation company in Southeast Europe, Iolar has 65 full-time employees and more than 650 translators.
Their local presence with eight offices in six countries (Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, North Macedonia and Hungary), the ability to manage large projects and their own R&D department has made Iolar a byword for high competence and reliability in the field of translation and localisation services.

for business opportunities abroad

In addition to translation, interpreting, editing, court certified translation, machine translation and interpreting equipment rental, Iolar is aware of the importance of development and the pursuit of new trends.
With the knowledge obtained in the last 30 years, the company helps its clients in networking and service implementation abroad, based on new entrepreneurial skills.
Their ExportEngine service encompasses comprehensive sales activities abroad, from the design of the sales strategy based on a thorough examination of the market, the establishment of contacts, negotiations and closing of the sale, to post-sale activities. They specialise in finding outsourced sales resources, service export, networking and seeking new business opportunities, sales promotion and sales activities for clients.
ExportEngine is intended to help clients utilise the unexploited sales opportunities available on foreign markets with the help of a dedicated team and outsourced sales. 

Despite artificial intelligence, new tools and other great changes in the field of translation occurring in the last two decades, a human approach and an understanding that language constantly changes are still irreplaceable when it comes to the localisation of services, their quality and, finally, their price."

IOLAR, flying over borders


Dragan Šibanc

Our mission is not only to facilitate communication between people and companies, but to build bridges between cultures and languages. We promote the approaches and skills that result in the highest quality with simultaneously dedicated and open cooperation. Like the designers of the WOOD WE GO campaign, we can thus build a more integrated and sustainable world with our services.."
Dragan Šibanc, IOLAR Partner and Senior Business Developer

When words come to life through professionalism and top quality

A mere translation of a text no longer suffices nowadays.
Fast, responsive and meticulous
Data protection
We help you earn more money.
Professional translation is a mirror of your company.
Language service specialists
Texts cannot be translated word for word.
More providers – more confusion


Meet our partner:

Meet our partner:

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