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WOOD WE GO 2023 / 2024

An innovative path towards sustainable solutions

The LUMAR company undoubtedly dictates new development trends when it comes to prefabricated construction. In 2007, the company was the first to build a passive house, produced the first energy-plus building two years later, and then crowned their achievements by constructing an active house. The company is one of the few European manufacturers of prefabricated buildings to have their passive technology certified by the German Passive House Institute and their passive system certified by European Technical Approval (ETA).
Years ago, they opted to approach sustainable management at all levels in an even more systemic, professional, and transparent manner. As part of the call of the SPIRIT Slovenia Business Development Agency, they prepared a sustainable business strategy for the company in 2018, determining their medium- and long-term operations and the direction of sustainable development. Today, their operations include all the aspects of sustainability and equal treatment of all five capitals that affect the operations of the company, i.e. natural, human, social, productive and financial.


Name of facility: Lumar Individual | Architecture: Miha Završnik u.d.i.a.; Lumar | Year of construction: 2016 | Photo: Lumar

Why only experience such wellbeing of body and mind in exceptional Slovenian tourist destinations? You can experience it every day in your dream home!"

Lumar, live best.


Name of facility: Expano Pavilion | Architecture: SoNo Arhitekti | Year of construction: 2019 | Photo: Jan Vitez

Three decades of creating new trends

Decades of experience, tradition and ongoing investment in development enable this family company to design new trends and construct superb almost zero-energy buildings. These create a healthy and pleasant living environment. They are made from natural materials and thus have a minimum impact on the environment throughout their entire life cycle.
Their philosophy of thinking, functioning, and developing is focused on the sustainable design of high-quality prefabricated buildings within the concept of Lumar Zero Emission Living®. The slogan of the company, “Live best”, is a true expression of their ethos of providing maximum living comfort with a minimum environmental burden and high energy efficiency. This is confirmed by numerous national and international awards and internationally acknowledged certificates. Based on the foregoing, LUMAR is a trailblazer in the field of sustainability not only in Slovenia, but also in the wider region. 
We are truly proud to be able to cooperate with a company that is a trendsetter of a new quality of living.


Marko Lukić, director

Sustainable and environmentally friendly construction and high-quality living are imprinted in the DNA and sustainable direction of the LUMAR company. This mentality is transferred to all our staff and our houses, and we also welcome all other similar initiatives. I believe that the WOOD WE GO campaign will contribute greatly to our joint social objective: seeking sustainable and green solutions for emission-free living."



Meet our partner:

Meet our partner:

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