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A parallel reality riddle in the bosom of the Logar Valley

We stop our bikes, take off our helmets and step onto the broad wooden platform of the vantage point on the Solčava Panoramic Road. After a gulp of the natural mineral water with which Lili filled the bottle several kilometres back, we stand still, surrounded by greenery and the sounds of nature. It seems that every thought is calm, and every breath is linked with the incredible beauty of this place. The inspiring panorama not only announces the start of our exploration of the magical Logar Valley, but also opens up a new portal of spiritual experience.

The majestic peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Mt Ojstrica, Mt Planjava and Mt Brana tower above us to the right. The vertical rockface of Mt Raduha, the first two-thousand-metre peak to which my parents took me as a ten-year-old boy and which remains my favourite mountain to this day, glows in the sun to the left. Behind us, among grey rocks just above the forest edge on the southern slope of Mt Olševa, we notice the entrance to Potočka Zijalka cave, an archaeological and paleontological site, where skeletons of cave bears and 30,000-year-old tools of stone-age humans were found. Up in the sky, we notice two buzzards circling some two hundred metres above us. I’m envious of their views for a moment and this leads me to thinking that this is one of those Slovenian places where even rarer and more powerful birds of prey draw magnificent circles among the mountain peaks.
“What an incredible corner of the world,” says Lili as we admire the landscape before us. Below us lies the natural wonder that is the reason we came here: the Logar Valley, one of the most beautiful Alpine glacial valleys in the world and there, at its centre, is our new home for the next few days: the Hotel Plesnik. As assessed by the Luxury Travel Guide, the hotel has been awarded two flattering international titles, Luxury Boutique Hotel of the Year and Luxury Eco-Friendly Hotel of The Year. The hotel boasts a remarkable 80 years of tradition and is run by the Plesnik family, who have lived in this valley for 700 years.


Our mission? Discover what circles are drawn, what traces are left by these people and what makes the Hotel Plesnik special, magical, boutique and guest friendly. We’ve just discovered its first secret. It’s certainly special due to its breath-taking natural environment. But we know all too well that this is merely an introduction to the inspiring Plesnik story.


just as exciting as exploring the natural sights of this remote region of Slovenia. Due to its various definitions, the concept of boutique is likely to be perceived by every person through the prism of their own priorities. When we sit with the hotel owner, Martina Plesnik, we are interested to know how this is understood by someone who has hung such flattering accolades on the walls of the hotel.
“In our case, it’s a matter of a refined feeling for our guests, co-existence with nature and local people, sustainability, exclusivity, and an individual approach to people and service, which is adjusted to the needs of modern guests. I want to believe that we are unique and different in the positive sense of the word,” says our host, who sees her mission in reviving the dreams of her ancestors regarding the development of the family tradition of tourism.
The inspiring conversation with her further ignites our desire to discover the soul and mystery of this place.


The next morning, an hour after dawn, we begin with a therapeutic barefoot walk on the wet and cold lawn behind the hotel. Although the Alpine peaks are already bathing in warm sun rays out of the east, it’ll take another hour and a half before the sun reaches the valley. There’s not a soul in sight, the air is fresh and fragrant with the last mowing. The morning is peaceful, as befits early September. The only sound heard is the lively murmuring of the Palenk Waterfall, which is calming, but not lulling. It’s just loud enough to override those thoughts that are not worthy of the beauty of this fine morning.
Our friendly host this morning is the hotel managing director, Nina Brdar Plesnik. She brings us warm woolly socks and banana bread. She puts the kettle on the open fire, and she and Lili collect herbs for the tea on their way from the hotel.


I don’t remember the last time I walked barefoot on dewy grass. It’s quite unusual, but pleasant and very primal. When we walk to the kneipping pool, the spray of ice-cold water from the waterfall is truly exhilarating. We pull warm socks onto our wet feet and listen to Nina’s story with hot tea in our hands. She intertwines the Plesnik family, the Logar Valley, herbs and healthy food, Ayurveda, Sebastian Kneipp and even dragons into an inspiring tale.


“We researched how healers used to work. Regardless of where they live in the world, they all practice the same approaches. For example, Ayurveda, the oldest science of life, emphasises food, herbs, wellbeing and relaxation. Similar values that have been at the forefront in India for centuries can also be found in Kneipp, who was German. He placed emphasis on a calm life, the healing power of water and sun, herbs and food grown in a home garden. They all underline the importance of the right food, hydrotherapy and calmness,” explains Nina.

The Plesnik family knows that it’s important to find contact with nature and adjust our travel habits in this time of social and ecological crises. So that our travels change us positively and particularly help us find ourselves. The nature and energy of their valley was combined into a whole and they designed the concept of a holistic acceptance of oneself and one’s surroundings. With the Eco House Na Razpotju – their neighbours, relatives and exceptional tourism providers – they devised an approach called The Pure Power of Nature. It combines high-quality organic and locally produced food, the experience of Alpine eco wellness to enhance health and wellbeing, activities in nature and inspiring walks below or among the peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

They provide anti-stress therapy, meditation, massage and detox programmes together with the use of wellness, sauna, kneipping and healthy food. Together with the experts, they found and marked energy spots in the surrounding area. These help with cleansing and connecting with nature and oneself. These spots can be found close to boulders, the Rinka Waterfall and in the very heart of the valley, situated directly next to the Hotel Plesnik. One of these energy sources is also next to the Plesnik elm, an old solitary tree, not far from the hotel. At the tree, Lili and I discovered the therapeutic effect known as forest bathing or Shinrin-yoku in Japanese. We could also call it forest therapy. It’s another aspect of the knowledge of our ancestors that has been implemented here.



Sustainability and sustainable living are not fads in the Logar Valley, nor a principle introduced simply because everyone is doing it these days. This is the only way they know and an approach which they accepted for themselves and their descendants. The valley was declared a landscape park in 1987. As part of the Solčava region, which is a recipient of the title of European Destination of Excellence, it’s considered one of the best examples of sustainable development in Europe. The three basic ethics of permaculture, i.e. earth care, people care and fair sharing of surpluses, were placed in the foreground through sustainable lifestyle. The provision of services was arranged with the help of the principles of Dragon Dreaming. The founder of this concept, John Croft, based the method of sustainable approaches on managing projects in four phases: dreaming, planning, doing and celebrating. The method helps not only in the preservation of the heritage, natural diversity and historical and ecological quality of the environment, but it also contributes to the fact that the strong energies of the area can also be experienced by visitors. Indeed, even the two of us feel more creative and inspired after a few days of staying here. It feels as if we could do anything.

There’s no coincidence, I notice time and again. It’s also not a coincidence that the creation of the Logar Valley is linked to the legend about a dragon called Lintver, which was just as powerful and fierce as is nature when it goes on a rampage from towering peaks into the valleys. There aren’t many places in the world where creation stories involve legends about dragons. Tradition says that dragons symbolise supernatural powers, wisdom, strength, hidden knowledge and consciousness from another universe, and they assist the transition from one dimension into another. According to Tjaša Dorelay, the noted Slovenian channelling medium, the Logar Valley is a powerful energy point of national significance with a strong portal of universal consciousness. The Savinja River, which has its source above the valley and gives it life, represents grace, tenderness and maternal energy.

The genius loci of this valley is truly exceptional. It has maintained the balance between man and nature for centuries and promotes their harmonious co-existence. It leads to a better understanding of oneself and the world and the preservation of the beauty and uniqueness of this place. Perhaps the key to understanding the deep connection between the local people and their environment, and ultimately, the understanding of our feelings, lies in the strong spirit of this valley. On our last morning at the Hotel Plesnik, we genuinely feel this environment much differently than we did upon our arrival. The valley has captivated us.


“I feel as if I could touch those peaks,” says Lili, pointing towards the mountains. I also feel that this place has truly enchanted me. Several days of seeking its stories, authentic characteristics, history, culture and natural features has clearly established a special bond. On the journey to enhancing your personal strength, every step opens you up to natural sights and energies and connects with the energy of the Earth and trees, which heightens the attention and sense of recognising your own internal messages. People live here in complete respect and harmony with their roots, the wonders of nature and its energies. The quality of their environment is linked to ancient knowledge about life and the essence of various philosophies from other environments and worldviews. And they share all of the above with their guests, too.


We experienced the Hotel Plesnik as a place where a parallel reality is unfolding, offering a better quality of life. The hotel’s overall offer has been thoughtfully designed while incorporating the ingredients of this exceptional environment and it highlights the wellbeing of everyone who visits. Nature is the most deserving factor in their holistic and transformative offer, but we must not forget the people who have always listened to it and still listen today. Martina Plesnik, whose life took her abroad many years ago, says that she says goodbye to the valley with a heavy heart every time she leaves. Her words about how she sees this place in 30 years unveil the last mystery of the magical Plesnik story, its sincere and positive energy,
“I see pristine nature, clean water, tranquillity and people seeking health. I see my nephews’ and nieces’ children continuing our tradition and living our values. I see the Logar Valley as a place where people can be happy.”

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